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South West Logistics is a White Glove/Final Mile transportation company that specializes in Medical, Dental, and other equipment assembly, moving, and storage. We are looking for hardworking individuals throughout the Western U.S  who would love to be apart of our Sales Representative or Installation team. The chosen representatives will enjoy an established and protected area, with possibilities for stability and potential growth.

The type of people we look for to be a part of our sales team are individuals who love to interact with others. We seek those who leave a good impression on the phone and in person, those who follow up on their promises, and who are accountable, not only to the company, but to themselves. 

We are currently in search of new crew members for our installation team and truck drivers for our business. The Transportation Industry can be an exciting and captivating place for a new employee to establish roots; the thrill of covering a load, the assembly of the load, and making a customer happy is rewarding on many levels. I guarantee you, that this is a fulfilling job that you will surly be proud of.  

South West Logistics is the perfect opportunity for considering a new profession, or just wanting the work experience. If you decide to join the team, you can trust that South West Logistics will guide you to success.

If you are interested and believe that you are qualified for these position, please contact us by the information provided in our Help Wanted Ad posted on our Help Wanted page located in our Services. 

Give us a call at our local phone center at (909)-740-6367 or toll free at (877)-291-3499.