Shirts, Clocks, Hats

At South West, we order new and exciting products. From hats to clocks, we constantly look for unique items to not only promote our company, but to also offer quality products for our customers.

Popular South West Clocks.


We started making South West Logistics Foam Clocks. These are fantastically unique novelty product that not a lot of people have.  These clocks have an exclusive reflective material that shows off our South West Logo in the dark 


We are sending shirts out to anyone who wants a great quality T-Shirt.  Our shirts come in L and XL. Colors come in Pink, Navy Blue and Red in the Grey on Grey Logo and the Classic Black shirt with the Standard Logo color scheme. 

South West in Reno.




Coming soon. South West Hats in Black, White and Navy Blue.  Corporate Logo on the front


We also have company Tags and Lanyards for our Vendors who might not have a set as of yet.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, contact us.