A Great White Glove delivery – South West Logistics

Drive down any highway in Southern California, and there are thousands and thousands of trucking companies.  Some specialize in FTL (Full Truck Loads). Some specialize in LTL(less than truckload), while others are movers, and others haul gas and liquids. 

A perfect delivery.

Let’s look at one portion of the trucking industry, The Final Mile. This is also referred to as the Last Mile.
Within the Final/Last mile service industry, there are levels of services that one can choose when ordering on-line.

1. Threshold – Products are brought to your front door.
2. Room of Choice – Delivery is brought inside your home and placed into a “Room of Choice”
3. White-Glove
. – The ultimate delivery experience, or is it?

When ordering White Glove Service, what are you actually ordering? 
White-Glove implies a team of highly trained professionals, who know your product, will deliver, install, and remove all debris, before leaving your home. 

That is considered a “good” White Glove Service.  The delivery went well, the team was professional, etc.  “They were good”.

White-Glove should be a great experience.   When we think of White Glove, we think of Marines in their dress blues.  Taking their white glove and brushing on top of the door jams and looking for dust. 
However, using white gloves to carry furniture is next to impossible to do.  In fact, it’s dangerous.

So, what does it take to have a great experience?
1. Make sure your delivery team is COVID prepared.  Masks, Clean, and Presentable.
2. If you have expensive floors, do they lay down protective flooring, before bringing in equipment?
3. Does the team have the proper tools to perform the job?
4. If necessary, will the team help you to remove your old furniture to a new location? 
5. Once your furniture has been installed, is it properly demonstrated and adjusted to your liking, with patience?
6. Does the team actually clean up all debris, wipe down surfaces, and even vacuum once they are done?
7. Finally, once they are gone, do you receive a follow-up call from the delivery team to make sure your experience was excellent?

Doing steps 1 through 7 is the perfect example of an excellent White Glove service. If any of the steps mentioned were missed, this would then be considered a “good service”, but definitely not excellent.   If more than one of these steps is missing, it really isn’t even white glove, it’s really just a delivery. 

Let the team at South West Logistics make your next White-Glove delivery an excellent experience, and no just a delivery.