Customer Reviews

Our customer reviews help us grow and improve our services. We take the good and the bad reviews with gratitude. We’ve posted not only some of our customer’s great reviews but also our not so great. We work hard to improve on every order.

You got a new review from FAYE REID

FAYE REID 11/22/2020
Very friendly and courteous! Waited patiently while some came to open door.

You got a new review from KAREN PRIMUS

KAREN PRIMUS 11/03/2020
There was a small mix up on the delivery… but once I call the company, it was settled. And the bed was delivered. Set up was smooth. Explanation of bed was complete.

You got a new review from BOBBI LAMPOS

BOBBI LAMPOS 10/29/2020
Efficient, Friendly, professional and went a step beyond. Would definitely use again.

You got a new review from JEANINE KOCH

JEANINE KOCH 10/21/2020
The text message to confirm a delivery time shouldn’t say a specific time. A window of time would be better.
This is a software bug that we are working on.

You got a new review from SHARON GOODRICH


You got a new review from DALE ZIESMER

DALE ZIESMER 10/23/2020
Fast, friendly, answered all our questions!?

You got a new review from RALPH TREASURE


You got a new review from TRIXIE PEYER

TRIXIE PEYER 10/09/2020
Delivered late and also dropped the package.
We had a window of 10-4. Arrived at 1:07. Delivery team was informed of complaint.

You got a new review from MELANIE BURSTIN DESIGN

He was so kind and helpful! We had paid for white glove and he didn’t have that on file which was a bummer but was quick to pivot for us. He even allowed our daughter to help. Thank you so much!

You got a new review from RANDY NEWTON

RANDY NEWTON 10/06/2020
White glove delivery, all packing materials were taken away. The staff were very polite would definitely recommend their service.

You got a new review from LINDSAY GORDON

Service was efficient and thorough

You got a new review from DONNA GORDON

DONNA GORDON 10/02/2020
Nice folks very helpful.

You got a new review from PAULA MANNING

PAULA MANNING 09/27/2020

You got a new review from CARLOS BANOS

CARLOS BANOS 09/26/2020
They were quick, polite, and professional.

You got a new review from MEALER – BURKE, VICKI

MEALER – BURKE, VICKI 09/27/2020

You got a new review from AHPN TULARE MULTI – SPECIALTY

Scott and his team is amazing! Great service:)

You got a new review from JACQUELINE STEIER

The white glove service was wonderful very pleasant and helpful was a pleasure dealing with the pair of them

You got a new review from MIA HARKNESS

MIA HARKNESS 09/15/2020
Incredibly professional. In and out within like 20 minutes and hauled old mattress away. Would definitely recommend this company. They also showed us how to use the bed and showed us options we had no idea existed. I would have given a perfect 10 score but it only allows 5 stars Lol. You won’t regret it. Well worth the $ for white glove delivery. Great business!

You got a new review from DEEANN FREEMAN

On time! Called ahead! Polite and efficient! Great!!!

You got a new review from ELSE LANGLEY

ELSE LANGLEY 09/03/2020

You got a new review from TANYA KAZARIAN

Best delivery experience.

You got a new review from DANA HANDBURY

DANA H* 08/20/2020
Scott went above and beyond in resolving countless problems with this delivery and set up. He was professional and helpful and never “lost his cool” each time another wrench was thrown into the works.

You got a new review from CHUCK VOELKER

CHUCK V* 07/02/2020
The 3 women that handled our delivery were perfect in every way. Courteous, timely, & instilled confidence in us from the very beginning. We had a large job & they crushed it! So happy with the service we received from them!

You got a new review from ERIC TOLLES

ERIC T* 06/29/2020
The crew was professional, efficient and communicated well. All wore masks inside.

You got a new review from AMY W*

Rating: 5
Comments: Great, fast, clean & helpful.

You got a new review from MIRNA C*S

Rating: 5

You got a new review from ELSA P*

Rating: 1
Comments: I received the call to deliver my mattress the day of delivery and was expected to have someone be home from 10-3. How does a company expect you to accommodate that window with no advance notice??! I was also advised that if I couldn’t that day, they would have to call me back to see “when” they could deliver. They were already booked for the next day. I had already waited over a week for the mattress so I was upset. After arguing, I was given a window of a delivery between 2-4 pm. I scrambled to have someone home at 2 only to have the mattress be delivered at 1!!! With a remark of “sorry we are a little early”. My brother came home sick from work and happen to drive up as they were knocking, otherwise we would’ve missed our delivery. I paid for the worst service I have ever received. Not only was there no notice but the delivery time agreed too was not kept.

Tingting Qi

Very good and professional team. They are very nice and considerate. Will absolutely choose them again for any white glove service.