What are you Grateful for? We’re grateful for you, our Loyal Customer base!
During this Pandemic, we decided that we wanted, as a company, and as individuals, to come out the other side of this crisis, better!

As people, we chose new hobbies to learn. I, for instance, made my first Electric Guitar.

My children took up Gardening and we all learned how to cook!

As a business, we chose to look inward. We chose to improve on our infrastructure. Invest in warehousing software, new equipment and many other items to help us springboard into the New Year.

This post is about Gratitude and I believe that as a society, we all should have a bit more Gratitude for what we have and realize that at a moments notice, this could all be taken away from us in the name of Security and Safety. The price? Our Freedom.

“It’s not happiness that brings us Gratitude, its Gratitude that brings us happiness”

We choose to have Gratitude for all the Blessings of our lives and look forward to New beginnings, Fresh starts, Old friends, New Customers and a million more miles on the road!

May the road of life take you to a better tomorrow!