Special Care Delivery

By South West Staff

White-Glove is more than our profession, it’s our passion. Medical equipment such as beds, wall installations, and other equipment deserves a service that will respect the products. It is our responsibility that our clients see first-hand our talents in White Glove Services.

There is only one level of White Glove Service we offer. Our best.

  • Delivery: We deliver all products in their original protected packaging to ensure that your products will arrive in good care and undamaged.
  • Installation: During the installation process, we take care to unpack and assemble all delivered items.  From Beds to Wall-mounted devices, our team assembles every item with great care.  
  • Clean-Up:  Once our team has completed the install, every carton, cardboard box, and debris is picked up and removed off of the premises.  Floors are swept, counters are wiped down.
  • Complete:  We leave the premises spotless and present you with a “ready to go” appearance.


Here are a few more shots of unique jobs: