April 20 2017

Pomona California –


South West Logistics Attends the 2017 Southern California Logistics & Supply Chain Summit.

So, South West Logistics decided to once again take another look at this years Southern California Logistics and Supply Chain Summit.

Juan Perez from Amazon Fulfillment –  Juan touched on many of the highlights from Last years conference, such as employee enhancements and benefits, but then focused on Automation and how large Amazon as grown in the past 5 years, especially in the Inland Empire.

Gary L Toebben – CEO LA CHAMBER OF COMMECE – Highlight was the continually, almost daily, changes made by bureaucrats on the logistics industry, by people who really do not know what the transportation is all about.

Dr. Wolf took us through the new infrastructures, freeways, toll roads, and Metrolink upgrades.   An interesting note.  San Bernadino County is larger than 8 of our nations states.  Most of the population, however is concentrated in the South West corner of the county.  The massive infrastructure upgrades is funded by Measure I, which was just extended another 30 years.  With out the Measure I’s initial 20 years, we would not have the 71, the extended 210 Freeway, and the Metrolink would have not happened.  Goal is to get more people off of the roads, free up traffic and allow Truckers more room and less congestion.

BJ Patterson shared the same message basically from the 2016 event.. He shared his displeasure by stating “California is not the best state for doing business”.   Many on the panel felt as though the California bureaucracy was dead set against helping the Logistics industry in any way.    He brought up an Executive order from Governor Jerry Brown.  The mandate stated that by 2030, 100,000 Commercial trucks are to be emissions free, or Zero Emission vehicles. 25% of current vehicles are to have an increase of 25% fuel efficiency by 2030 and.. We must increase California’s Competitiveness as well.   Its very tall order that the logistics industry must adhere to by Executive order.   BJ did however end his speech on how truly excellent the Logistics industry is.  This is one of the very few industries left  where a blue collar person can support their family into middle class standards.

While many on the Panel agreed that we would all like to have clean air to breath, the restrictions and time lines are oppressive and unrealistic.  This is and will be a pretty hot topic.

Dr. John Husing  Chief Economist for the Inland Empire –
Dr. Husing pulled no punches this go around.  A fantastics Analyst and a regular contributor on KVCR.  Dr. Husing simply stated that California’s Democratic Leadership is squeezing out the middle class, and trying to keep the poor, Poor!   The Transportation industry one of the last great places for the Blue collar person to make a decent living and live within the middle class.

BLOCKCHAIN – Technology.  This is a whole new way of tracking all the stages of a particular load, it follows every person entrusted to handle said load, tracks payments and more.  For more in depth information.

Summary:  In short, the Logistics industry is strong.   There is a tremendous struggle with California’s ever tightening restrictions on business, making it very hard to grow, but grow we have.  Companies like Amazon, E-Bay have reversed the logistics model.    Giant warehouses  and many different types of vehicles all bringing your products to you.  All requiring some sort of logistics solution.   Assessment?  The logistics future is very bright. (still)