Customer Reviews

Our customer reviews help us grow and improve our services. We take the good and the bad reviews with gratitude. We’ve posted not only some of our customer’s great reviews but also our not so great. We work hard to improve on every order.

You got a new review from JEANINE KOCH

JEANINE KOCH 10/21/2020
The text message to confirm a delivery time shouldn’t say a specific time. A window of time would be better.
This is a software bug that we are working on.

You got a new review from SHARON GOODRICH


You got a new review from DALE ZIESMER

DALE ZIESMER 10/23/2020
Fast, friendly, answered all our questions!?

You got a new review from RALPH TREASURE


You got a new review from TRIXIE PEYER

TRIXIE PEYER 10/09/2020
Delivered late and also dropped the package.
We had a window of 10-4. Arrived at 1:07. Delivery team was informed of complaint.

You got a new review from MELANIE BURSTIN DESIGN

He was so kind and helpful! We had paid for white glove and he didn’t have that on file which was a bummer but was quick to pivot for us. He even allowed our daughter to help. Thank you so much!

You got a new review from RANDY NEWTON

RANDY NEWTON 10/06/2020
White glove delivery, all packing materials were taken away. The staff were very polite would definitely recommend their service.

You got a new review from LINDSAY GORDON

Service was efficient and thorough

You got a new review from DONNA GORDON

DONNA GORDON 10/02/2020
Nice folks very helpful.

You got a new review from PAULA MANNING

PAULA MANNING 09/27/2020

You got a new review from CARLOS BANOS

CARLOS BANOS 09/26/2020
They were quick, polite, and professional.

You got a new review from MEALER – BURKE, VICKI

MEALER – BURKE, VICKI 09/27/2020

You got a new review from AHPN TULARE MULTI – SPECIALTY

Scott and his team is amazing! Great service:)

You got a new review from JACQUELINE STEIER

The white glove service was wonderful very pleasant and helpful was a pleasure dealing with the pair of them

You got a new review from MIA HARKNESS

MIA HARKNESS 09/15/2020
Incredibly professional. In and out within like 20 minutes and hauled old mattress away. Would definitely recommend this company. They also showed us how to use the bed and showed us options we had no idea existed. I would have given a perfect 10 score but it only allows 5 stars Lol. You won’t regret it. Well worth the $ for white glove delivery. Great business!

You got a new review from DEEANN FREEMAN

On time! Called ahead! Polite and efficient! Great!!!

You got a new review from ELSE LANGLEY

ELSE LANGLEY 09/03/2020

You got a new review from TANYA KAZARIAN

Best delivery experience.

You got a new review from DANA HANDBURY

DANA H* 08/20/2020
Scott went above and beyond in resolving countless problems with this delivery and set up. He was professional and helpful and never “lost his cool” each time another wrench was thrown into the works.

You got a new review from CHUCK VOELKER

CHUCK V* 07/02/2020
The 3 women that handled our delivery were perfect in every way. Courteous, timely, & instilled confidence in us from the very beginning. We had a large job & they crushed it! So happy with the service we received from them!

You got a new review from ERIC TOLLES

ERIC T* 06/29/2020
The crew was professional, efficient and communicated well. All wore masks inside.

You got a new review from AMY W*

Rating: 5
Comments: Great, fast, clean & helpful.

You got a new review from MIRNA C*S

Rating: 5

You got a new review from ELSA P*

Rating: 1
Comments: I received the call to deliver my mattress the day of delivery and was expected to have someone be home from 10-3. How does a company expect you to accommodate that window with no advance notice??! I was also advised that if I couldn’t that day, they would have to call me back to see “when” they could deliver. They were already booked for the next day. I had already waited over a week for the mattress so I was upset. After arguing, I was given a window of a delivery between 2-4 pm. I scrambled to have someone home at 2 only to have the mattress be delivered at 1!!! With a remark of “sorry we are a little early”. My brother came home sick from work and happen to drive up as they were knocking, otherwise we would’ve missed our delivery. I paid for the worst service I have ever received. Not only was there no notice but the delivery time agreed too was not kept.

Tingting Qi

Very good and professional team. They are very nice and considerate. Will absolutely choose them again for any white glove service.

A Great White Glove delivery – South West Logistics

Drive down any highway in Southern California, and there are thousands and thousands of trucking companies.  Some specialize in FTL (Full Truck Loads). Some specialize in LTL(less than truckload), while others are movers, and others haul gas and liquids. 

A perfect delivery.

Let’s look at one portion of the trucking industry, The Final Mile. This is also referred to as the Last Mile.
Within the Final/Last mile service industry, there are levels of services that one can choose when ordering on-line.

1. Threshold – Products are brought to your front door.
2. Room of Choice – Delivery is brought inside your home and placed into a “Room of Choice”
3. White-Glove
. – The ultimate delivery experience, or is it?

When ordering White Glove Service, what are you actually ordering? 
White-Glove implies a team of highly trained professionals, who know your product, will deliver, install, and remove all debris, before leaving your home. 

That is considered a “good” White Glove Service.  The delivery went well, the team was professional, etc.  “They were good”.

White-Glove should be a great experience.   When we think of White Glove, we think of Marines in their dress blues.  Taking their white glove and brushing on top of the door jams and looking for dust. 
However, using white gloves to carry furniture is next to impossible to do.  In fact, it’s dangerous.

So, what does it take to have a great experience?
1. Make sure your delivery team is COVID prepared.  Masks, Clean, and Presentable.
2. If you have expensive floors, do they lay down protective flooring, before bringing in equipment?
3. Does the team have the proper tools to perform the job?
4. If necessary, will the team help you to remove your old furniture to a new location? 
5. Once your furniture has been installed, is it properly demonstrated and adjusted to your liking, with patience?
6. Does the team actually clean up all debris, wipe down surfaces, and even vacuum once they are done?
7. Finally, once they are gone, do you receive a follow-up call from the delivery team to make sure your experience was excellent?

Doing steps 1 through 7 is the perfect example of an excellent White Glove service. If any of the steps mentioned were missed, this would then be considered a “good service”, but definitely not excellent.   If more than one of these steps is missing, it really isn’t even white glove, it’s really just a delivery. 

Let the team at South West Logistics make your next White-Glove delivery an excellent experience, and no just a delivery.

Web-Site and Email Security

At the end of Last month, our Hosting Service was attacked by a nasty email worm, that phished out contacts from somewhere, and started blasting out emails to our contacts, and frankly many others that were not our contact lists. This was frightening and lessened our reputation as a corporation that is professional and trustworthy. We took this very seriously, and began working on solutions immediately.

At this point, with the help of our Hosting Service, the email issues have been repaired and we’ve made internal security changes to prevent this from happening again, on our side.

The South West Logistics Web-Site has been fully encrypted. You may have noticed the https://, instead of http:// in the address bar ahead of our domain name. In 2012, the powers that be, instituted a guideline that recommended moving web-sites from Hyper Text, to Secured Hyper Text. Sometime in 2020, you may have started noticing an “!” next to a web-site address you were visiting. This feature was implemented by most browsers sometime last year and was designed to notify its users that the site they were looking at, may be insecure and to use caution when working with them.

Unfortunately, we were one of those sites. We missed that memo regarding the new Web-Site Feature and it effected our on-line reputation. Did we need to make the change? No, not really. Since our site does not perform sales transactions on-line, nor does it collect personal information from our viewers, it was not necessary. However, with a GLARING warning icon next to our domain name, we decided to correct that promptly. And we feel better for it, for sure.

So our emails and our web-site are now fully secure. We took this all very seriously as should we all. On-line theft, email viruses are the last thing anyone needs now.

Here is our Press Release on this as well:

South West Logistics Inc. Ensures Website Security to Protect Its Customers

Michigan State University

COVID-19 Response in the Transportation Industry.

The COVID-19 Pandemic created opportunities in the Transportation Industry in many unique ways. Final Mile deliveries exploded, as more people stayed at home and ordered more. Medical Equipment sales fell sharply in our own business, as home furnishings went up.

Look out for Part 3 of this webinar series coming soon. Click here for more in Supply Chain Management content from Michigan State University online. This webinar was originally recorded on April 15, 2020.

The link below will take you to the Michigan State webinar.

Part 3 of the lecture has just been released.


What are you Grateful for? We’re grateful for you, our Loyal Customer base!
During this Pandemic, we decided that we wanted, as a company, and as individuals, to come out the other side of this crisis, better!

As people, we chose new hobbies to learn. I, for instance, made my first Electric Guitar.

My children took up Gardening and we all learned how to cook!

As a business, we chose to look inward. We chose to improve on our infrastructure. Invest in warehousing software, new equipment and many other items to help us springboard into the New Year.

This post is about Gratitude and I believe that as a society, we all should have a bit more Gratitude for what we have and realize that at a moments notice, this could all be taken away from us in the name of Security and Safety. The price? Our Freedom.

“It’s not happiness that brings us Gratitude, its Gratitude that brings us happiness”

We choose to have Gratitude for all the Blessings of our lives and look forward to New beginnings, Fresh starts, Old friends, New Customers and a million more miles on the road!

May the road of life take you to a better tomorrow!

Medical Equipment Movers

Medical Moving Services In Western United States, & Minnesota

Moving medical equipment takes expertise and the utmost care from your moving company.  At South West Logistics, Our moving crews are specifically trained  for the proper packing, loading, unloading and installation of delicate medical equipment.   Presentation is an important aspect of our delivery process, our crews are clean and presentable, our truck fleets are clean, well maintained and offer air ride suspension, so you can be assured that your sensitive equipment will arrive in excellent condition.

Our medical moving services can offer a variety of specialized moving needs, including:

  • Sensitive equipment packing or crating
  • Dental, Medical and other specialized equipment
  • Computer network system disconnect and reconnect
  • Medical equipment moving and storage
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • We install Wall Mounted Items

With more than 20 years of combined talent and expertise, South West Logistics knows the medical moving industry. Our dedication to White Glove moving services such as medical equipment installations and household/office furniture are paramount to our success in this industry.   We take tremendous pride knowing that our customers give us an Excellent Ratings on nearly all of all of our deliveries. 

For information on our expert medical moving services and storage facilities, contact us at

Corporate Headquarters

4201 E Santa Anna St. Ontario CA, 91761 

Phone: 909-740-6367
Fax: 909-740-6787

Locations: Ontario, CA, San Diego, CA. Fresno, CA.  Bakersfield, CA. Hayward, CA. San Leandro, CA. Portland, OR.  Seatac, WA. Spokane, WA. Yakima, WA.  Denver, CO.  SLC, UT.  Reno, NV.  Las Vegas, NV.  Phoenix, AZ,  Albuquerque, NM. Lubbock, TX. Dallas, TX. San Antonio TX, Austin, TX. Houston, TX Oklahoma City, OK. Minneapolis, MN.


Scope of Services

South West Companies have been serving Business-to-Business in the industry throughout the United States for the past 10 year.

Clients can depend on us to store, transport, and deliver their equipment with skill and care. We will closely inspect all items for quality control, cross-reference shipping documents, and technology systems to ensure accuracy.


Services Overview:

  • Lab & Medical Equipment
  • Appliance Installations
  • Handling High Value Equipment
  • Warehousing and Freight/Asset Management
  • Standardized Management Reports
  • Distribution Management and Local Delivery
  • Communications Equipment Consulting
  • Computer Equipment
  • Office & Industrial Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Hospitality Industry


Sensitive items, such as;

  • Appliances
  • Lab & Medical Equipment
  • Communications Equipment
  • Computer Equipment
  • Office & Industrial Equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fine Art & Sculptures
  • Antiques
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Fine furniture requiring special handling and care
  • Hospitality Industry

South West Companies have more than 30 years of experience in handling and transporting sensitive and invaluable inventory, so you can trust  us for any specialized shipping requirement.


 Perhaps you are planning to downsize, or may need vacate your present office space? Whether your need is a simple adjustment to your existing layout, or a complete new installation, South West is here to help. South West offers years of experience, working with all major brands and models of Systems Furniture; we will disassemble, palatalize, inventory, remove, and ship or store your furnishing. 

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment:

South West Companies are the most experienced FF&E installation contractor. Our team of trained technicians specialize in the full spectrum of any commodity of FF&E Services. From case goods receipt, to punch list close out, we offer a skilled and cost effective service that is unmatched.  We’ll do it right the first time, and save you money. Contact one of our Experienced Project Managers to see how we can be of service to you. Our FF&E Services include:

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Detailed Receiving Inspection
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Computerized Inventory Control
  • Secured – Monitored Facility
  • Dock High Loading Platforms
  • Interactively Scheduled Services
  • Debris Removal
  • Skilled and Timely Installation
  • Surplus Furniture Removal and Disposition
  • Dedicated Team from Start to Completion.

Green Transportation:

Green TransportationSouth West Movers put the green back into transportation. We are “future capable” by providing a higher level of environmentally sustainable methods.

  • Band and recycle cardboard.
  • Trucks less than five years old.
  • Sort all scrap metal, plastic and glass for recycling
  • Consolidating truckloads by route creates fuel conservation
  • Electric lift gates, that don’t need the engine running
  • Moving pads made of 100% recycled cotton.


This waiver is for the customer to sign; it details that if in the unlikely case of poor packaging due to the shipper, it is not South West Logistics (the delivery team) fault.

This form is for the customer to sign; it details the inspection the customer is asked to review upon the start and completion of a delivery. 

Shirts, Clocks, Hats

At South West, we order new and exciting products. From hats to clocks, we constantly look for unique items to not only promote our company, but to also offer quality products for our customers.

Popular South West Clocks.


We started making South West Logistics Foam Clocks. These are fantastically unique novelty product that not a lot of people have.  These clocks have an exclusive reflective material that shows off our South West Logo in the dark 


We are sending shirts out to anyone who wants a great quality T-Shirt.  Our shirts come in L and XL. Colors come in Pink, Navy Blue and Red in the Grey on Grey Logo and the Classic Black shirt with the Standard Logo color scheme. 

South West in Reno.




Coming soon. South West Hats in Black, White and Navy Blue.  Corporate Logo on the front


We also have company Tags and Lanyards for our Vendors who might not have a set as of yet.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, contact us. 


April 20 2017

Pomona California –


South West Logistics Attends the 2017 Southern California Logistics & Supply Chain Summit.

So, South West Logistics decided to once again take another look at this years Southern California Logistics and Supply Chain Summit.

Juan Perez from Amazon Fulfillment –  Juan touched on many of the highlights from Last years conference, such as employee enhancements and benefits, but then focused on Automation and how large Amazon as grown in the past 5 years, especially in the Inland Empire.

Gary L Toebben – CEO LA CHAMBER OF COMMECE – Highlight was the continually, almost daily, changes made by bureaucrats on the logistics industry, by people who really do not know what the transportation is all about.

Dr. Wolf took us through the new infrastructures, freeways, toll roads, and Metrolink upgrades.   An interesting note.  San Bernadino County is larger than 8 of our nations states.  Most of the population, however is concentrated in the South West corner of the county.  The massive infrastructure upgrades is funded by Measure I, which was just extended another 30 years.  With out the Measure I’s initial 20 years, we would not have the 71, the extended 210 Freeway, and the Metrolink would have not happened.  Goal is to get more people off of the roads, free up traffic and allow Truckers more room and less congestion.

BJ Patterson shared the same message basically from the 2016 event.. He shared his displeasure by stating “California is not the best state for doing business”.   Many on the panel felt as though the California bureaucracy was dead set against helping the Logistics industry in any way.    He brought up an Executive order from Governor Jerry Brown.  The mandate stated that by 2030, 100,000 Commercial trucks are to be emissions free, or Zero Emission vehicles. 25% of current vehicles are to have an increase of 25% fuel efficiency by 2030 and.. We must increase California’s Competitiveness as well.   Its very tall order that the logistics industry must adhere to by Executive order.   BJ did however end his speech on how truly excellent the Logistics industry is.  This is one of the very few industries left  where a blue collar person can support their family into middle class standards.

While many on the Panel agreed that we would all like to have clean air to breath, the restrictions and time lines are oppressive and unrealistic.  This is and will be a pretty hot topic.

Dr. John Husing  Chief Economist for the Inland Empire –
Dr. Husing pulled no punches this go around.  A fantastics Analyst and a regular contributor on KVCR.  Dr. Husing simply stated that California’s Democratic Leadership is squeezing out the middle class, and trying to keep the poor, Poor!   The Transportation industry one of the last great places for the Blue collar person to make a decent living and live within the middle class.

BLOCKCHAIN – Technology.  This is a whole new way of tracking all the stages of a particular load, it follows every person entrusted to handle said load, tracks payments and more.  For more in depth information.

Summary:  In short, the Logistics industry is strong.   There is a tremendous struggle with California’s ever tightening restrictions on business, making it very hard to grow, but grow we have.  Companies like Amazon, E-Bay have reversed the logistics model.    Giant warehouses  and many different types of vehicles all bringing your products to you.  All requiring some sort of logistics solution.   Assessment?  The logistics future is very bright. (still)