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South West Logistics is looking for motivated persons who would like to try their hand as a Sales Representative.





South West Logistics is a White Glove / Final Mile transportation company. We specialize in medical equipment assembly, Dental equipment, Moving and Storage.




If you are looking for stability, with the potential to really grow financially, the Transportation Industry is a great place to establish your roots. Transportation is exciting and also very addictive. The thrill of covering a load, making a customer happy is rewarding on many levels. I guarantee you, once you catch the bug, you will always be hooked.



What kind of person is a good fit for a sales position at South West Logistics? Honestly, what it takes is a person who likes people, is honest and presents well. Then it comes down to rates. No more and no less. We want someone who makes a good impression on the phone and in person, who can follow up with their leads and is accountable, not only to the company, but to themselves.



One piece of advice… don’t be afraid to take a chance.  Believe in yourself and if selected by South West, we will have your back as you set out in this new industry.



If you have thought about making a change in your profession, wondering how to make more money, or just looking for something different, give us a call. We would be happy to talk to you.



We are looking for Representatives through out the Western US.  The right representative will enjoy an established / protected area, with potential growth possibilities.



Looking forward to hearing from you. Reach out to Bob Perez at 909-740-6370 or Carolyn Allbaugh 909-954-0413



Best of luck in whatever direction you choose.



South West Logistics.