New Crew Members at South West



South West Logistics is proud to announce our newest team members.   Carolyn Allbaugh, Ismael Gonzales, and Claudia Diaz.





Carolyn, currently heads our dispatching department.  You might have seen correspondences from her.  While juggling dispatch duties,  Carolyn also handles marketing for South West Logistics. This news letter, the new web-site and more are due to her many talents.  Carolyn is an accomplished artist with a bachelors degree in Art.    Carolyn is a tremendous asset with a great personality.  We are so proud to have her on board. Carolyn can be found at extension 1004.





Ismael aka “Izzy” handles the brokerage division of South West Logistics.  He is in charge of full truck loads and many LTL deliveries across the US.  Izzy likes to laugh so give him a call and tell him a few good ones. Glad to have Izzy on board here at South West.  You can reach Izzy at extension 1003.





Claudia, our most recent addition, is taking the reigns in our accounting department.  Claudia comes from the financial and banking industry, and has applied her skill sets to what we are doing here at South West.  We look forward to seeing what she does once fully up to speed.  Should you have accounting questions, Claudia can be found at extension 1002.






We welcome our newest members, and feel blessed as an organization to have the ability to hire these fine individuals.





So, there you have it.. the new faces of South West.   They and our entire staff are grateful to have the opportunity to be an instrument in your success.





Now, lets get to work.