Medical Equipment Movers

Medical Moving Services In Western United States, & Minnesota

Moving medical equipment takes expertise and the utmost care from your moving company.  At South West Logistics, Our moving crews are specifically trained  for the proper packing, loading, unloading and installation of delicate medical equipment.   Presentation is an important aspect of our delivery process, our crews are clean and presentable, our truck fleets are clean, well maintained and offer air ride suspension, so you can be assured that your sensitive equipment will arrive in excellent condition.

Our medical moving services can offer a variety of specialized moving needs, including:

Medical Equipment Movers and Installers

Medical Equipment Movers and Installers

  • Sensitive equipment packing or crating
  • Dental, Medical and other specialized equipment
  • Computer network system disconnect and reconnect
  • Medical equipment moving and storage
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • We install Wall Mounted Items

With more than 20 years of combined talent and expertise, South West Logistics knows the medical moving industry. Our dedication to White Glove moving services such as medical equipment installations and household/office furniture are paramount to our success in this industry.   We take tremendous pride knowing that our customers give us an Excellent Ratings on nearly all of all of our deliveries. 

For information on our expert medical moving services and storage facilities, contact us at

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Special Care Delivery

By South West Staff

White Glove is more than our profession, it’s our passion. Medical equipment such as beds, wall installations, and other equipment deserves a service that will respect the products. It is our responsibility that our clients see first-hand our talents in White Glove Services.

There is only one level of White Glove Service we offer. Our best.

  • 20140710_085231Delivery: We deliver all products in their original protected packaging to ensure that your products will arrive in good care and undamaged.

White Glove Install - South West Transport

  • Installation: During the installation process, we take care to unpack and assemble all delivered items.  From Beds, to Wall mounted devices, our team assembles every item with great care.  
  • 20140710_182927Clean Up:  Once our team has completed the install, every carton, cardboard box, and debris is picked up and removed off of the premises.  Floors are swept, counters are wiped down.
  • Complete:  We leave the premises spotless and present you with a “ready to go” appearance.


Here are a few more shots of unique jobs:

Here is an unfurnished room. Ready for South West to install everything

Here is an unfurnished room. Ready for South West to install everything

Here is a partially installed room. Now the wall mounts are going to be installed.

Here is a partially installed room. Now the wall mounts are going to be installed.

This is a room that has been completed and is ready to go.

This is a room that has been completed and is ready to go.


Scope of Services

South West Companies have been serving Business-to-Business in the industry throughout the United States for the past 30 years.

Clients can depend on us to store, transport, and deliver their equipment with skill and care. We will closely inspect all items for quality control, cross-reference shipping documents, and technology systems to ensure accuracy.

Services Overview:

  • Lab & Medical Equipment
  • Appliance Installations
  • Handling High Value Equipment
  • Warehousing and Freight/Asset Management
  • Standardized Management Reports
  • Distribution Management and Local Delivery
  • Communications Equipment Consulting
  • Computer Equipment
  • Office & Industrial Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Hospitality Industry



Sensitive items, such as;

  • Appliances
  • Lab & Medical EquipmentIMG_20121129_150225_jpg_1
  • Communications Equipment
  • Computer Equipment
  • Office & Industrial Equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fine Art & Sculptures
  • Antiques
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Fine furniture requiring special handling and care
  • Hospitality Industry

South West Companies have more than 30 years of experience in handling and transporting sensitive and invaluable inventory, so you can trust  us for any specialized shipping requirement.


Whether your need is a simple adjustment to your existing layout, or 20130325_113756a complete new installation. Perhaps you are planning to downsize, or may need vacate your present office space? Whatever situation you may be in, South West is here to help. South West offers years of experience, working with all major brands and models of Systems Furniture; we will disassemble, palatalize, inventory, remove, and ship or store your furnishing. 

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment:

South West Companies are the most experienced FF&E installation contractor. Our team of trained technicians specialize in the full spectrum of any commodity of FF&E Services. From case goods receipt, to punch list close out, we offer a skilled and cost effective service that is unmatched.  Contact one of our Experienced Project Managers to see how we can be of service to you.  Let us show you what we can do.  We’ll do it right the first time, and save you money.  Our FF&E Services include:

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Detailed Receiving Inspection
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Computerized Inventory Control
  • Secured – Monitored Facility
  • Dock High Loading Platforms
  • Interactively Scheduled Services
  • Debris Removal
  • Skilled and Timely Installation
  • Surplus Furniture Removal and Disposition
  • Dedicated Team from Start to Completion.

Green Transportation:

Green TransportationSouth West Movers put the green back into transportation. We are “future capable” by providing a higher level of environmentally sustainable methods.

  • Band and recycle cardboard.
  • Trucks less than five years old.
  • Sort all scrap metal, plastic and glass for recycling
  • Consolidating truckloads by route creates fuel conservation
  • Electric lift gates, that don’t need the engine running
  • Moving pads made of 100% recycled cotton.